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Frank Souder Collections

Small Indian Wood Printing Blocks (set of three)

These hand crafted wooden print blocks have a smaller design and come with an extra long handle.

Sales price: $125.00

Burmese Marionette Dolls (set of 3)

Marionette puppets were used as a form of entertainment for the ruler and his subjects.

Sales price: $350.00

Antique Screen

Antique Belgium fireplace screen used for decoration and to help shield direct heat projected from the fire.

Sales price: $475.00

Zeus Sculpture

Bronze cast sculpture of Zeus, the god of the sky in Greek Mythology.

Sales price: $550.00

The Abby of Bective

An original antique print. The author, Daniel Grose completed the series of drawings for the "Antiquities of Ireland".

Sales price: $75.00

Parte del Monte Palatino Verso IL Foro Romano

Antique print by Marco Sadeler.

Sales price: $50.00

Panoramma Di Roma

Antique Print

Sales price: $50.00
Sales price: $50.00

Avanzo Del Tempio Di Castore e Polluce

The artist is Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Sales price: $50.00
Sales price: $50.00

Rome Dans Sa Grandeur/ Plaza Navona

Antique print showing the flooded month of August.

Sales price: $50.00

Piazza di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna is located near Porta del Popolo which in the XVIIIth century was the main entrance to Rome

Sales price: $50.00

Vedvta- Della Villa Estnse In Tivoli

View of Villa d'este, Tivoli. From the series "Vedute di Roma" (Views of Rome)

Sales price: $50.00
Sales price: $125.00

Castle of Grants Town

A part of Francis Groses "Antiquities of England and Wales".

Sales price: $125.00
Sales price: $75.00

Bullock Castle

This print is published in Groses Irish antiquities.

Sales price: $125.00
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