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Frank Souder Collections

Zeus Sculpture

Bronze cast sculpture of Zeus, the god of the sky in Greek Mythology.

Sales price: $550.00

Youghall Abbey

Antique Print by William Henry Bartlett. Bartlett worked with Mr. John Britton when collecting materials for his "Picturesque Antiquities of English Cities".

Sales price: $75.00

Wooden Standing Buddha

Circa 100-120 years old. Wood standing Buddha

Sales price: $1,580.00

Wooden Burmese Bible storage box

19th Century Dry Lacquer And wood Burmese Monks Bible Storage Box with Red lacquer and gold Leaf cover

Sales price: $1,895.00

Wood Seated Buddha

Circa 150-200 years old wooden seated Shan Buddha with Gems.

Sales price: $1,895.00

Wood reclining Buddha

Dry Lacquer and wood Burmese Reclining Buddha with Black lacquer and gold Leaf cover, Mandalay

Sales price: $8,600.00

Walking Buddha

The Buddha is portrayed as walking, lifting the left foot slightly from the ground.

Sales price: $350.00

Vedvta- Della Villa Estnse In Tivoli

View of Villa d'este, Tivoli. From the series "Vedute di Roma" (Views of Rome)

Sales price: $50.00
Sales price: $50.00
Sales price: $175.00

The Abby of Bective

An original antique print. The author, Daniel Grose completed the series of drawings for the "Antiquities of Ireland".

Sales price: $75.00

Small marble seated Buddha

Small marble seated Buddha with gold leafing and benevolent facial expressions.

Sales price: $1,263.00

Small Indian Wood Printing Blocks (set of three)

These hand crafted wooden print blocks have a smaller design and come with an extra long handle.

Sales price: $125.00

Small bronze Buddha Head

Small bronze Buddha head with almond-shaped eyes that have heavy lids.

Sales price: $1,580.00

Seated Buddha

The Buddha sits on a black and red lacquered lotus throne in the virasana posture.

Sales price: $875.00

Round Tower and Castle Timahoe

An original antique print. The author, Daniel Grose completed the series of drawings for the "Antiquities of Ireland".

Sales price: $75.00

Rome Dans Sa Grandeur/ Plaza Navona

Antique print showing the flooded month of August.

Sales price: $50.00
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